VTX 1800 Rocket$6,500(Eagle River, WI)

Enjoy Biketoberfest this year on an outstanding 2003 Honda VTX 1800 C. I bought this bike new in May 2004. I have added: Hyper Charger, Power Commander, Cobra Pipes, custom mirrors, custom seat, new tires etc... $3200 in extras. The engine was dynoed in at the dealer I bought it from when they added the hyper charger, power commander and cobra pipes 125+ hp with 105 lbs of rear wheel torque. It is very very fast with a ton of torque. It leaves Harley Davidsons in the dust every single time : ) I have the original seat, a new back rest and luggage rack that come with the bike. I have meticulously maintained this motorcycle since I bought it. I just don't ride it enough anymore and think someone else should enjoy it as I am buying a boat. No tire kickers and NO test rides unless you have a valid license and cash in your hand in case you wreck it. Not interested in trading for anything except maybe a Hewes redfish 18 ft or other high end flats boat. Email me with your phone number and I will respond. No phone number no response.